free cross-promotion of your eBay listings
NEW: To stay compatible with the latest eBay's external links policy we've recently added a new field called "Link Policy". The available values are:
  1. Clicking on a listing shows the clicked listing (uses external links) - this is the way it used to work all the time. Here we use external links (to CrossItems) which can update automatically and correspond to the underlying images (which get updated as well). Now, due to the new link policy, listings containing such galleries may get banned/removed by eBay.

  2. Clicking on a listing shows the clicked listing (no external links, but listings don't update automatically).In this mode neither the links nor images change, so we can link directly to eBay auctions (so the links are not external). If some image was changed, its link would be no longer valid, that's why in this mode we don't change/update anything. This may make sense if your listings are long-term and change very rarely.

    If it's neccessary to change the gallery or make it up-to-date, you'll need to change the Link Policy to a different mode, Save the gallery (the gallery will then update) and switch back to this mode to avoid subsequent automatic updates. After you've done this, you'll also need to update the HTML code of the gallery in your listings, which can be done using our Bulk-Insert tool.

    In the future the above process can be made automatic depending on the reception of this new solution.

  3. Clicking on a listing shows the list of all your listings (no external links, listings update automatically). In this mode there are no links to listings - neither the external ones (which are banned by the eBay policy), nor static ones to eBay (which can become obsolete) - instead we link to the list of all your items.