free cross-promotion of your eBay listings
You can use CrossItems for free. If you're a small, casual eBay seller it may have all you need.

If you need more, you may need to purchase a Premium Service. Note that the Premium Service from CrossItems, works for both CrossItems and our sister site

Here is a chart that shows the benefits of the Premium Service over a regular one:

Free service Premium service Information
Unique eBay accounts supported 2 10 If you sell using multiple eBay accounts, you can create galleries for as many of them.
Listings per eBay account 30 1000 This is how many listings we download from your eBay account. Galleries will then contain items from the downloaded listings.
Galleries refreshed every 3 hours 1 hour This is how often we automatically update your galleries (remove expired listings and add new).
Max. amount of galleries 6 30 How many unique galleries you can create.
Max. size of one gallery 20 fields (e.g. 5x4) 32 fields (e.g. 8x4) How many promoted items a single gallery can contain.
Additional options NO YES Some extra visual options. More to come soon.

Here is information how to purchase the Premium Service and how much it costs.